🔌🚀Free – PS4 Games you must play 🔌🚀

There are so many PS4 games these days, the main problem is the insane prices to pay to play the game you always dream of playing. At last on Makeuseof the article that save all our people that are broke, but want that awesome game.

The listed of free games available are:

Let it die

Let It Die takes place in 2026, and the story reveals that a large tectonic disturbance resulted in destruction around the world. Part of Tokyo has split off into the ocean and is now its own island.

You have to make your way through the floors of the tower to reach the top, which no one has ever survive or done. There’s a skateboarding grim reaper character, Uncle Death, who guides you and calls you “senpai” along your journey to the top.

 Let it die image



Players take control of members of a species called the Tenno. They’re a race of ancient warriors who look like ninjas that just awoke from cryosleep. Tennos fortunately have super-cool biomechanical suits that can channel their unique abilities and be of great use in battle. You can have up to three members in your team and embark on missions scattered throughout the solar system on various planets also.

Warframe image


Searching for a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game on your PS4, Paragon is worth it. Players will find a third-person MOBA that looks gorgeous with asymmetrical maps set in lush environments. The game features 10 different heroes for you to choose from, each having their own set of skills and weapons.

Paragon image

Marvel Heroes Omega

For the comic book fansMarvel Heroes Omega is a real treat. This is an action role-playing game that features all your favorite characters. Story line in Marvel Heroes Omega basically takes all of Marvel’s history and mashes it together into one ultimate story line. Embark on various missions, challenges, and go into dungeons with your chosen characters. Completing quests or dungeons nets rewards such as: currency, experience points, alternate costumes, weapons.

Image of Marvels omega

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