What is Celebrity Marketing?

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Celebrity marketing is the process of using a celebrity’s image, endorsement or use of a product or service in order to convince other people to do it. But web marketing using celebrities may work a little differently than other types of celeb endorsement. How to get celebrity endorsements? Celebrities are asked to…

😎👍Create great infographics – Pickochart templates👍 😎

Struggling with making awesome infographics that customers like, share or comment on. That obstacle can be overcome by using Piktochart . Pro’s of using Piktochart # 1 The first thing that struck me about this awesome program was the easy and simple navigation and tabs they have to let the user easily know where everything are … More 😎👍Create great infographics – Pickochart templates👍 😎

💻💎 MacPorts – have best software for your Mac 💻💎

What is MacPorts? System package for Mac. Similar to Red Hate Package Management (RPM) system and Advance Package Tools (APT). What kind of ports are available? There varies ports available on MacPorts, because MacPorts are the main company responsible for open source applications on Linux and other related operating systems. Some kinds of software includes: … More 💻💎 MacPorts – have best software for your Mac 💻💎

⚾️🎁 Sound of priceless – Chicago cubs 🎁⚾️

The sound of priceless …. What can this be?? This is an application (app) that was launched to measure baseball fans passion for baseball. It was done after the fact that there were complaints of baseball lovers being too loud at baseball events. How did your passion get measured? This was a question that needed … More ⚾️🎁 Sound of priceless – Chicago cubs 🎁⚾️